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Banking Automation Solutions to Be Showcased in the Middle East

NEWARK, NJ USA, October 17, 2005 – IDOM Middle East, LLC, (IDOM) (www.idom-me.com), a leading provider of regulatory compliance expertise and related business automation solutions has announced their strategic business alliance with Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions (ABATS), a prominent software solutions provider of international brands in Middle Eastern markets.

Mr. Fakhruddin Khalil, Chairman of IDOM Middle East, stated, “By combining ABATS’ ability to effectively market technology solutions to financial institutions in the Middle East with IDOM Middle East’s innovative software solutions, the banks in this region will have the opportunity to implement the same technology that U.S. banks have successfully been using. It will, in essence, level the playing field between U.S. and Mid-Eastern banks as far as automating compliance and regulatory reporting requirements.”

“As brand builders, we focus on maintaining a brand's intrinsic values while developing sales,” stated Mr. Mohamed Ebrik, General Manager, ABATS. “We feel that there is a largely untapped market out there for IDOM Middle East’s products including AML-Reporter, DNFS, REG-Reporter and DOC-Tracker; and that we are very well suited to bring these automated solutions into the limelight.”

IDOM Middle East’s AML-Reporter software solution is an extremely efficient tool for transaction trend monitoring and the detection of suspicious activity. The DNFS (Designated Name Filtering System) software solution facilitates monitoring of Black/Watch listed names. The Black/Watch listed names are provided by subscription to WorldCompliance’s powerful on-line and off-line subscriptions to the latest KYC/Due Diligence List database of potentially high-risk individuals and entities. The combination of software solutions and Black/Watch list data are used by financial institutions to monitor activity and reduce their risk of exposure to money laundering. These solutions offer financial institutions a comprehensive pro-active approach to monitoring the implementation of international anti-money laundering recommendations endorsed by MENAFATF (Middle East North Africa Financial Action Task Force), the Basel Committee, and specific anti-money laundering monitoring requirements imposed by

AML bank policy and local Central Banks.

REG-Reporter automates compliance with reporting requirements to regulatory authorities, management and head offices, and helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial reports while increasing the efficiency of reporting. It combines data from all of the bank’s systems into a central data repository, where key information is translated into standardized data. The resulting data is then compiled into required report formats recognized by regulatory agencies and Central Banks.

DOC-Tracker is a modular, client-server, web-enabled application that addresses the documentation management, compliance and imaging needs of today's businesses and helps mitigate associated risks. DOC-Tracker provides the facility to record documentation requirements and track the receipt of all types of Customer Specific, Commercial Lending, Trade Finance and other transactional documents produced internally, or those provided to the organization by a third party to support the businesses engaged. DOC-Tracker's document imaging capability provides instant access to multiple users of documents, facilitates their review, as well as, the recording of discrepancies noted.

About IDOM Middle East, LLC and ABS

IDOM Middle East’s complete array of regulatory expertise and automation offerings provides the perfect solution to further assist financial institutions in their effort to comply with regulatory requirements. IDOM Middle East’s senior management consists of Mr. Fakhruddin Khalil, Chairman, and Managing Directors, Mr. Stephen Codignotto, Mr. Haytham Khalil and Mr. Vincent Raniere. Amerab Business Solutions, sal (ABS), is the local support office of IDOM Middle East, LLC. ABS is strategically located at Liberty Tower in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon and is within easy reach of the capital's prestigious banking community. IDOM is an authorized reseller of AML-Reporter and DNFS, which are owned by Genie Software Inc. For more information on IDOM Middle East’s and ABS’ products and services please contact the sales department at info@amerabsolutions.com, +96 1 1 744797 or visit the web site at www.idom-me.com.

About Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions (ABATS)

Ali Bin Ali Information Technology Department was established in 1997, as an in-house computer support function for ABA Establishment. At the same time, a strategy was put in place to support the group vision and build an internal infrastructure to be ready for future business growth. As a pro-active support to the Group, the IT successfully established a centralized computing environment for its 16 divisions, which provides on-line and effective information through Enterprise Solutions. Being the part of IT strategy, internet/intranet was successfully implemented throughout the group. Further, IT conducts various technology transfer programs and training for ABA employees.

Today they expanded and invested in the IT team and services to move into the external market through a new division named, Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions (ABATS). The expertise that has been developed over the years in such diverse business can now contribute in the Technology market. Moreover, they opened the doors to be in partnership with leading names in the IT industry for premium solutions, so they can participate in the technology e-volution in Qatar.

ABATS strongly believes in a long-term relationship with our customers. They work towards being technology partners in evolving effective business strategies. They believe that the market is in need for a total solution provider that perceive the customer business need and deliver the right technology solution and after sales professional support. For more information, please visit www.alibinali.com/division/abats.htm.

About WorldCompliance

WorldCompliance is operated by World Compliance Inc. headquartered in the US. WorldCompliance’s database contains information on more than 800,000 known or suspected terrorists, money launderers, narcotics traffickers, fraudsters and other white-collar criminals, as well as PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and their family members and close associates. The database contains proprietary investigative research, government sanctions, regulatory warnings and criminal indictments. For more information, please visit www.worldcompliance.com.
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