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Network Management & Support

Our Network Technology Group professionals apply their extensive experience and solid understanding of technology and automation to provide effective solutions and services that simplify information technology processes -- from PC network design and implementation to on-going service and support.

Through continuous training and participation at trade shows and seminars, we make it our priority to stay abreast of the rapidly changing technology environment. This allows us to deliver the highest quality of services to our customers. In fact, our staff is certified by leading technology vendors, such as Microsoft, Citrix and Novell, and we maintain several strategic vendor relationships. These relationships enable IDOM to resell vendor products and provide solutions based upon their latest technologies.

IDOM is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner

Networks which were efficient five years ago may no longer be today. Allow IDOM to analyze and review your network and business requirements. We will deliver a comprehensive, detailed report of your network’s current performance with recommendations to optimize your network. The report will identify under-utilized components which should be restructured or eliminated and over-utilized components which should be expanded. The report will also identify the outdated technology for which an upgrade will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The perfect network is neither the most elaborate nor the most expensive. The perfect network is one which satisfies the needs of your organization. A complete understanding of your business is the core to our network design approach. Based on your current and projected business strategies, we will assist you to define your network requirements.

IDOM provides project management services for projects of all sizes involving networks, workstations and PCs. Whether you’re relocating just a few people or redefining your entire infrastructure, we will manage your project smoothly and efficiently. IDOM has the resources to coordinate with local and long distance carriers, public data networks and foreign service providers. Our staff will work closely with your architects, contractors and facilities staff to ensure the success of your project. Upon completion, a comprehensive documentation package is delivered, regardless of the size of the project, so that there is a seamless transition of the project.

Standards are very important to maintain stability and security for the whole network. The business group responsible for this task must be organized and prepared to implement network policy and procedural changes as mandated by the head office -- quickly and efficiently. IDOM can help to ensure that your business group is prepared. An IDOM administrator can perform periodic audits to new systems and changes to the network to confirm that standards and security are not being compromised. Network policies and procedural standards can be then maintained and adjusted to provide the greatest advantage for long term management of the network. Routine procedures can be documented and critical tasks noted to insure no one technician becomes a single point of failure.

IDOM offers complete support for your network and many popular software applications, including Microsoft Office®. Our support personnel will assist with everything from user issues, to hardware and network related problems. The network support program can be tailored to fit your requirements and your budget. Business day and 24 hour emergency support are available for all levels of support.

With the User Help Desk, PC support personnel are only a toll free phone call away. In the event that telephone support will not resolve the problem, IDOM may resolve the problem using a tool which enables our data center to emulate a node, via modem link, on your network. For problems which cannot be resolved remotely, we will dispatch support personnel to your location. Onsite technical assistance may be purchased in advance at discounted rates.

IDOM can provide network specialists to complement your technical staff during periods of rapid growth or change. Highly skilled specialists can work at your site, under your direction, on long and short-term assignments.

We can assist your business in upgrading to Windows® 2000 ensuring that every aspect of this major undertaking is carefully analyzed and properly executed. IDOM will fully analyze and possibly redesign your existing network and protocol to ensure that Windows 2000 can be accommodated without any shortfalls. We recommend any new services and perhaps new servers that may need to be established in order to support the new network. Our migration plans are carefully designed to accommodate the existing network while the new Windows 2000 network is being implemented, ensuring that your day to day operations are not disrupted. Additionally, in order to take full advantage of the Windows 2000 network design, every user PC must be upgraded. IDOM can provide the resources needed to accomplish this time-consuming task.

We all want to feel secure that our network and systems will be available when we need them, and that the information in them is secure. The failure of our systems due to error, equipment failure, intruders, or buggy software can mean real financial loss to a business. Many people think that "security" exists solely to keep out intruders or "hackers." This is a very limited view of security as good security also means ensuring that internal usage of the Internet is also monitored and controlled.

IDOM offers services that help to ensure that your systems will be protected. We can assist your business in developing preventative security measures for external and internal purposes. We can assist you with intruder prevention and detection by implementing firewall technology into your organization. This will help you to protect the internal network from the public Internet. By monitoring the firewall security logs you can detect and trace any unwanted intruders. IDOM can also establish methods to monitor and/or block Internet usage from inside the organization, ensuring that internal users do not access unwanted or offensive Internet sites. You will have peace of mind in knowing that your employees are utilizing their time wisely when accessing the Internet.


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