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DNFS (Designated Name Filtering System) is a Windows based client-server application specially designed to fulfill the needs of financial institutions. The software compares names, countries or full text messages against unwelcome lists such as the one provided by OFAC, specific Bank lists, or any other listing of names/countries specified by the user.

DNFS is a private labeled product owned by Miami-based Genie Software, Inc. with a product name of LISTFINDER. The system is an automated and efficient tool that can scan and provide alerts to detect and prevent doing business with individuals or entities of questionable reputation, or countries of restriction.

The unique capability to perform searches against several lists at the same time allows the institution to considerably increase its efficiency by eliminating manual efforts and repetitive searches.

DNFS uses an extremely sophisticated and flexible engine which is able to scan lists created in a wide variety of formats (Text, Excel, Access, Dbase, MS SQL Server, SWIFT, FED, etc.) and find matches despite misspellings, typographical errors, various foreign transliterations, varying word order, compound words, abbreviations, and initialization.

The system keeps a complete record of its operation, facilitating the verification of the procedures followed in the institution to comply with mandatory requirements/regulations. All reports are available in the most popular and user friendly formats, such as HTML, Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Highly flexible tool to comply with any international and country specific regulations

  • Easy to integrate with the institution's technical environment

  • Automatic and simultaneous search capabilities for multiple lists (OFAC, Internal Lists, External Lists, etc.), in a wide variety of formats

  • Efficient search algorithm to quickly provide possible matches

  • Complete audit trail with filtered search logs to evidence compliance efforts

  • Comparison results are exportable in several formats and can automatically be attached to an e-mail message

Within DNFS, users can define various files to be scanned as Input Lists. These files can be provided in any of the following formats:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Excel
  • MS Access
  • Dbase
  • FED

    DNFS not only provides on-line search capabilities, but also has the ability to scan data files and compare them to the OFAC and/or any other list defined by the user. The scanning process can be performed simultaneously on several lists providing for a more efficient and effective monitoring effort.


    Any search list in the following formats can be scanned:

  • MS SQL Server

  • Excel

  • Dbase

  • MS Access
  • DNFS uses a modified version of the SOUNDEX algorithm, therefore the system can be optimized to minimize the number of false positives and can find matches despite misspellings, typographical errors, various foreign transliterations, varying word order, compound words, abbreviations and/or initializations.

    The system keeps a complete record of its operations to maintain a detailed work history of a user's performance. The automatic audit trail helps to support evidence of compliance with regulations.

    The user can print the results of the filtering process, or export them to ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel or HTML formats, which can be easily re-processed or sent by email as attachments.

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