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There is no doubt about it...regulatory compliance remains one of the most costly and time-consuming burdens. But thanks to the services offered by IDOM, compliance can be a lot more manageable at your institution. Our wide array of turnkey solutions can help to ensure that your institution can comply with new requirements quickly and in a cost efficient manner. We are continuously researching and communicating with our regulatory contacts to keep abreast of the latest regulatory changes that affect compliance. Getting the information early and accurately is critical to converting regulatory information into valuable compliance programs that meet the timeframes required. Moreover, you can depend on our experienced compliance professionals to help you interpret and implement new regulations and requirements, answer your questions in a timely manner and deliver cutting-edge compliance information and professional development and training services.

Through IDOM's Compliance Support Services, we can assist your institution's Compliance Department with its compliance burden through our Outsourcing Services, or by simply supplementing your existing compliance program with our Advisory Services on an as needed basis. We scale our services to meet your needs, whether it is for extensive or short-term projects.

IDOM can serve as an outside advisor to your institution's Compliance Department, supplementing your current staff on an as needed basis. In this capacity, IDOM's experience is put to use as a ready resource to address questions, issues and concerns as they arise. IDOM staff can provide guidance regarding upcoming requirements and how the institution should prepare for them. We can also perform reviews on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis, or serve as a trouble-shooter by reviewing internal products and service groups that are encountering compliance related issues and advise as to the best way to resolve these issues.

Superior Services

Whether an institution, large or small, desires to supplement their internal Compliance Department or outsource most of the function, IDOM's knowledge of international banking and banking products helps us to quickly pinpoint areas which require attention and recommend and implement the policies, procedures, monitoring systems and reporting procedures necessary to ensure that due diligence is maintained, regulatory standards are met, and that client relationships remain intact.

Simply put, the key to our service is our people. When our customers contact us, they speak to knowledgeable consultants with high-level management backgrounds that respond in a timely manner and address issues to the customer's complete satisfaction. We solve compliance problems and will work with you to ensure you have established a set of best practices that will help prevent future problems. We offer a wide array of tailor-made compliance services for foreign and international banks. Our compliance services, whether you require outsourcing or assistance on an as needed basis, include:

  • Compliance Monitoring, Training & Reporting

  • Advisory & Technical Support on Compliance Related Issues

  • Development of Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Programs

  • Creation of Formal Compliance Policies & Procedures

  • Specialized Training, Technical & Administrative Support on Meeting Compliance Requirements (i.e. the USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence, all associated Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and other Banking Laws & Regulations)

  • Review of Requirements & Implementation of Automated Solutions

Automated Solutions

Another aspect of our compliance services is assisting your institution in the evaluation of your current compliance requirements and helping to select and implement an automated compliance solution that meets your specific requirements; thus increasing organizational efficiencies and saving on costs. Having access to our network of strategic alliances that develop comprehensive compliance software products allows for diversified resources in meeting your automation requirements. In addition to conducting software performance evaluations, IDOM can provide specialized training, technical and administrative support, as well as develop formal compliance monitoring programs, policies and associated procedures for any automated solution. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you obtain the right compliance products and tools in areas such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

  • Client Profiling & Activity Monitoring

  • Regulatory Reporting (Federal and State)

  • Document Management: Tracking, Imaging, Reporting & Monitoring for Clients, Credit, Trade Finance & Securities

  • Suspicious Activity Investigation Tracking & Reporting

  • Project & General Investigation Tracking

Additionally, IDOM's REG-Reporter and DOC-Tracker products can assist you in meeting your compliance automation needs.

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