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AML-Reporter, a client-server application based on Windows, is a system specially designed to mitigate reputation and regulatory risk by helping support the implementation of the bankís AML (Anti-Money Laundering) program. The software helps meet the needs of local business/compliance policies and regulations, as well as, assisting in meeting the international FATF (Financial Action Task Force) recommendations and the regulations contained in the BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and US PATRIOT Act.

AML-Reporter is a private labeled product owned by Miami-based Genie Software Inc. with a product name of MATRIS. It is utilized to examine expected account activity against actual transactions and is extremely efficient in the detection of suspicious activities and the prevention of money laundering in financial institutions. In addition to the software, IDOM offers consulting services to enable our clients to handle all inherent issues in this area of compliance.

AML-Reporter uses a dynamic proprietary algorithm to calculate account activity profiles and detect suspicious account activities. A powerful database engine and flexible architecture, manages the data flow to enhance detection capabilities, while keeping the operation easy and user friendly.

Using account historical information and advanced statistical methods, AML-Reporter determines profiles and activity expectancies to effectively detect trend breaks and abnormal transactional behavior. Whenever a profile is exceeded, the system automatically generates an ďAlertĒ for the user. Alerts are classified according to their level of priority and their working status. The software provides a comprehensive analysis of account activities, funds movement, and relations of fund movement with emphasis on high-risk entities and geographies. AML-Reporter provides for customized and exportable reports and keeps a complete record of its operation, facilitating the documentation and verification of AML, KYC (Know Your Customer) and EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) compliance efforts.

  • Automatic calculation of account activity profiles by statistically significant methods

  • Possibility of viewing current transaction information during the profile edition

  • Manual editing of profiles for multiple profiles

  • Multiple profiles can be assigned to the same account for different periods, facilitating the analysis of seasonal accounts

  • The Alerts feature notifies user of irregularities between actual and expected activity count, currency volume

  • and transaction types per customer

  • 3 levels of priority are automatically assigned by the system according to userís pre-defined policies and strategies

  • Alerts can be reported, grouped by Country, Customer, Branch, etc.

  • Alerts can be assigned up to 4 different statuses


General Features

  • Flexible reports, with multiple filtering conditions for each report

  • Additional information on the accounts, like business type, risk rating, customer declared activity, etc. can be maintained within the systemís 10 additional information fields

  • Users can analyze transactions using either Booking Date or Value Date

  • Reports can be obtained using either Account Currency or the Original Currency

  • Customizable reporting results for better understanding and user friendliness

  • All reports can be exported to Excel format for re-processing or as electronic mail attachments

  • Wire/funds transfer activity can be analyzed by many flexible-filtering conditions to denote unusual activity patterns

List of Reports

  • Account Activity & Consolidation in a Period Report

  • Funds Movement Report

  • & Account Group Analysis

  • Profile Breaks in a Period

  • & Real Profile vs. Expected Report

  • Significant Transaction Reports (STR) Incidences in a Period

  • Exempted from Reporting Customer Activity Report
  • Customer Relations & Group Reports (by Customer, Related Accounts and User Defined Groups)
  • New Customer Account Report
  • Inactive Account Report


  • A powerful Notes System can be used as an Audit Trail to support the monitoring effort and compliance initiatives

  • Notes can be generated or edited within several sections of the system, and then analyzed in a specific report

  • Access to Notes can be assigned to different users

  • The system can be easily adapted to use terminology or language preferred by the user for both on screen viewing and report formats

  • Flexible terminology, customizable to users needs, allows for a more user-friendly system and reporting presentation

  • The institution can pre-define a group of monitoring policies pertaining to their specific AML program

  • Selected transaction codes or groups, significant transactions reporting thresholds, etc, can either be monitored or not

  • A powerful user management system with the ability to define different user permissions and restricting access to accounts according to a variety of user defined criteria

  • Supports a multi-level security access facility that can be used to support up to five levels of access within the system

  • Flexible security access parameters allows data to be loaded within a single database to provide consolidated management of the monitoring function, while enabling the filter of information on values that support various security levels like: multiple banks, branch sites, geographical areas, currencies for example

  • Specific critical functions can be further segregated to restrict user's performance within the database

  • The data extracted from various user defined reports can be easily exported to either Excel or HTML formats

  • Ability to re-process information by the system externally or send as an electronic mail attachment

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